Certification is only conferred upon individuals who meet the strict criteria established by the IBFES.   The applicant's education, professional forensic experience, competence in technical matters and ethics issues, and general knowledge are all considered during a process of peer review, culminating in both written and oral examination.  Applicants are additionally required to accept and agree to be bound by the IBFES Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct in their professional engineering science practice.

● To determine if you may be qualified to apply for certification by the IBFES, refer to the following document:  Download the IBFES Information Package here (PDF).

● For application forms and instructions on the certification process, download and refer to the following document: Download the IBFES Application Package here (PDF).


     Note:   The deadline for submitting a completed application for certification is September 1st of each year.


The IBFES requires each member to be re-certified every 5 years.  For re-certification as a Diplomate of IBFES, records of forensic experience, continuing education, professional development activities, etc., are submitted to the board for peer review.


To re-certify, download the Application for Re-certification here (PDF)



Note:  The deadline for submitting a completed application for re-certification is October 1st of each year.